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2017-09-20 07:43:17 by ProjectNetoku

Some notes for later
Possible upcomming name checks:
Laka                                                    Gad
Kila                                                      Koma


2017-09-19 06:39:48 by ProjectNetoku

It's 3:37 am ... I wanna fall asleep, BUT I CANT!

*insert my hero acedemia headbanging meme but just a chara instead*

ooh- and we're at 100 followers solid <3 


2017-09-12 18:41:20 by ProjectNetoku   INSPIRATION ! ! !  <--- After seeing their sunflora + unknown form I got the idea to look at fusions for creation inspiration

So this week an aquantence of mine surprised me with some TASTEFUL fanart. They comissioned an artist from Furaffinity >> <<   To make this for me :D
...Im both embarrased and bashful like IDK HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT BUT IT'S THERE ... MHMM
If you'd like to see it I'll post a view link- but be warned it's nsfw content- about as nsfw as it gets I guess.
(( ))

   Thanks to Azzie and Discord user DuhMatt :3

Take care guys

( should i have specified the image is yuri incase ? .... eh- apparently according to newgrounds chat women dont exist here beyond me so I guess I dont need to worry )

Welp He just got the Greenscreen we needed and is now in the process of testing out Camtasia again

( Warframe video of Ember sitting at a campfire )
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF ALL GOES WELL we might start releasing a few videos of ... Idk some sort of warframe shenanigans
anyways enjoy.
Link goes to Auki-chan's facebook page, dont spam him ok ^-^"

Chart of Project Netoku signing out !!
*Im not posting it here rabbit we'll get in trouble since it's not original content .... I think that's how thisll go*


Straining week

2017-08-30 21:15:11 by ProjectNetoku

Know what's great about depression?

It makes you draw stuff so badly it looks like generic anime art off deviant art

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY fmlfmlfml6314211_150414210072_deka2.jpg

ok so im having second thoughs to WHOOOOOO to draw here for this next pose-

I'd be a turd and say vote red or green and say nothing else
but i wont 

Alison (  )  sfw
           (  ) Nsfw
  *I did however considder putting Lacy here, another character of theirs but ... that hair - WOOSH*
sfw + nsfw ( )

Cookie ( shes got enough art on here atm to know who that is )

If you're wondering why the links are as they are A: i dont know how to shrink links into  here  command- and B: they look like that because of how tumbrl functions- the description effects how everything comes out bsically.

vote on a character you want done and i'll show you the details in a later post of what im gonna do- wehehehehe

thanks guys

I just downloaded macromedia flash 8 on my pc . . . 

OOOOOOH BeLLS this is gonna be weird trying to do again sorta kinda
Ill be looking for videos for tutorials but if you have anything you wanna show me say so in the comments below- ANYTHING that you might think would help is always apreciated- and if just trolling ill be happy if i see never gonna HIT - THOSE - NOTES! 
also gonna be bugging dreamless since well the gate's open i migh as well XD

if i can pick things up quickly i'll see if i can export images in and from there start making a couple pixel games .... and maybe something else
really it's all just study and intrigue right now

Art incomming ( 2x )

2017-08-16 07:15:12 by ProjectNetoku

Finally working on two new poses .... might not post them for long you guys ... lemme know about how you feel about THOSE
( also 1 week til sister's bday so here's to .... idk really we're a poor family maybe we can get a small cake ;w; - or relative will incist shyte jello cake as an idea ugh )

Level 7

2017-07-26 05:44:42 by ProjectNetoku


well atleast i have something to sit with while i watch the mix of funny, cringy and crazy animations comming out this comming august >w>

( gona miss that frying pan, healed me like every other turn ... or was that the apron .. hmm )

two traditionals comming at ya btw