( and according to that last animation inflatable underwear cause .... wth is that again? )

((((( apart of me's like sofart? ... so ...fart?  ... sofia art XD ))))

Etsul timba tetus itotus icrum ircium estus?
Biakuna Tyalcciak Semtu - semtu pirathric isun

Selsun Byrok Kengu Pyroc tengul topala nolange langu kynop

((  Let's just say this is a message for my Estling Viewers friends :3 better you don't know what, nothing bad ))

Being the little guy is kinda hard when ...

2017-06-14 20:46:06 by ProjectNetoku

  Ever had art theft or some sort of theft of creative form- and it was done by someone of far higher collective in followers and popularity?

  I'm still trying to deal with a few people on Tumblr who took some artwork for steven Universe me and a friend spent 3 days on and a music track I, my friend Chart, Takashi and Catherine ( Deceased ) - and to this day it's never been resolved in our favor.

It's great feeling powerless you know- one reason why i also dont post much art here- call it fear of utter bullshit
( oh yeah- it's also nice when your friends dont even believe you after almost two years of art socialization or collaboration . . . ) 

Ok we're touching 61 fans- WOOP WOOP!

2017-06-10 08:10:17 by ProjectNetoku

Thank you everyone who is watching the page <3

I know there are alot better artists to find out there but your interest in this page is flattering and apreciated

Might be posting some comics in the future just as a little blip of info for ya, might be complex might be small

Eventually this channel will be be getting back into the swing of things, until then hang in there everyone.


                  (   oh and alittle riddle fo ya DAAAAAAAAARLINGS ... blegh- sorry, just saw the ASSylum                                                     animation drom derp XD not bad but the va's stuck in my head now jeeze  )

   I run and run but Cannot flee, Always watched yet Never seen, when long I bring bordom when short i bring FEAR!

                                                                       ? ? ? what am I  ? ? ?

                  ( this is really just an excuse to get you guys to comment for once NO ONE TALKS TO ME ;W; )

Beep boop

2017-06-09 08:43:56 by ProjectNetoku

 Been quiet for two reasons recently- one, due to health at home I've had to stop drawing on the wacom pad here, had to get my hands fixed oh JOY!- second, past events happening on newgrounds ( i.e. or whatever- having my music removed from the site because it was flagged as stolen by a guy who wrote it off as his own ... - basically theft flag for stealing my own song from a thief ) - and as usual i cant fight this just like last time when a troll got the old account on here . . . nice.

I'll be posing soon but might not post anything to the portal- so if you actually check my page at all ( anymore since ive been silent- gonna have to see my art and doodles and stuff straight from here- dont expect it to pop up on the portal for awhile )

Twitter wtf!?

2017-04-21 05:01:57 by ProjectNetoku

 i was asked by alot of people this and last month to so here's the twitter wip for the page

Art trades!

2017-04-05 04:33:04 by ProjectNetoku

I'm accepting art trades from users here on NG- only gonna do sfw wart- and I won't trade for sketch art XD sorry

   Pm me if you want to discuss things further- and if you want to ask questions- do so, but maybe ask them here- since it can help others in the future.