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   I want to try something here that ... rather failed miserably on Tu some time ago
This i Shadow gear, a character of mine my friend helped me make
( thought it'd be funny too to have me crushed under him ;w; )
I want you to ask him stuff, and as a sub project basically let me start a ask system - *cant say ask blog incase*
He's a 6 armed book worm and can have a terrible temper depending on the time of day ... but not too bad
ask ANYTHING ( and i'll do my best to make some ask art for it that's how this goes )

also, likes sour and on occasion spicy foods, not sweets, stands at 4'3 and .. the wings are more cosmetic than usable.
*inst sure what else to add*
ASK AWAY EVERYONE!!   Girashu and i await the comments. ( Girashu Shioda or Shadow Gear are his names )

posted something of an experimental tune in audio- not the audio portal, just here

( not like i can post audio to this site- music we wrote was reported for being stolen from our own site ... DETAILS !?! F#CK THAT JUST LISTEN TO ANYTHING )

 never going to join the art portal again anyways im not letting that go south again cause ppl cant ask before making actions or research ... ( looking at you unknown admin that ruined My week in particular .... )
heh, i wanna just think it was a vendeta cause it was piano music and it was actually good ;w;

anyways there's an 8bit song in the audio section of the page, it's somewhat messy and short but if you like it maybe i'll have more planned. btw the program used for it was a site program called beepbox. it's simple but kinda hard to work with at first BUT I LOVE IT


2017-07-14 15:26:19 by ProjectNetoku


      I will now go to finish a couple bits of art then GO COMPLETELY INSANE FAILING AT KAVATS!


    (   if you dont know I really love warframe so ... just a warning guys ;w; )
     *working on a video for the game something more of a capture edit not animation- will post a link when done*

No one ehre plays warframe ,,, but just know 
( when you farm three rhino prime sets in a day there is a god ... maybe .... idk )

spending my two days of forced break playing an mmo-type game and im killing it r n ,,,, ehehe

Now I have to spend all day doing Roadhog for my friend- i mean I asked hi it's not just bitter obligation .... was expecting roadhog or reaper from him XD  ( also it's gonna be stitch skin- the red colored rare skin )

OOOOH how the heck am I gonna do this, cartoony might look ok but ...
screw  it im doing traditional over digital I draw better on paper than Wacom anyways

( if you guys want tell me what favorite character you like from the OW Universe, maybe skins too ... if it's Effie I dont need the lolita details you perverts XD )

   Might try to actually draw Bastion and Zenny after, maybe Junkrat but that is gonna be a weird level of UGH for me.

first off, thank you everyone we're pushing 75 Followers here on Newgrounds- Im fighting the urge to say Subscribers DIS IS NOT YOUTUBE BRAIN AGH
anyways I was wondering about some stuff to do for those here- Idk how many ppl like the idea of a movie night but I thought you would find it interesting. 
  If you guys want i'll host a stream this saturday around 6pm Los angeles time
( idk the term basically cross refference- it's 12:54 as im posting this )

If you guys want maybe for the spirit of July 4th ... yes already past but just a holiday thing
we can watch independence day 1-2. If you have something ele in mind to watch and if you want a movie night
please let me know as soon as possible, it helps me out knowing ahead.

thank you again, I hope you guys enjoy what's posted here on out, glad you guys are having fun :'3


2017-07-06 13:47:59 by ProjectNetoku

precurser of the sweet toothed demon

e a little while more

2017-07-06 12:42:50 by ProjectNetoku

 . . . . .  Orca 



2017-07-06 00:53:18 by ProjectNetoku

((((((((((     ))))))))))

    The official Discord for the channel

Now I do not know how many ppl here use Discordapp however I felt this would be nice to add for those that prefered to use the app for communication and other things.

Everyone is welcome however the server is unpoplated so just a warning for now.
The server is complrised of Art rooms for posting self created works, aeas to post videos and music, a few bots like Tatsumaki and music bots and basic general chats- there are nsfw sections thay you have to ask for however.
the Server is still In dev however so bear in mind that detail.

So ... I think in the process of arguing about how more effort to comb through the bad games and other content as well on newgrounds and how leaving it be could make people dissapointed, angry or triggered ...

    i think i made myself angry dissapointed and triggered

(  bans self for being a weeb )
*also go posting traditional art i still havent uploaded ... cause idk if you guys want that*