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Birthdays and Silence

Posted by ProjectNetoku - September 21st, 2018

Today I turn 22

I should be happy but .. im not- no one to really celebrate it with and even then hell idk how to, i never got to have those sorts of things growing up. 
Im sorry ive been gone for forever and a day, a combination of home, work and other issues have happened this year
got scammed 70$ from a digital card company, got fired from my job and got dumped; why do i always like the fucked up ppl- and ive had some pc issues to the point where im now using a new computer i was able to get overtime.

   Ramble ramble ramble- I know im not alone with this stuff i got ppl on my side though it would be nice to have ppl irl- burdons are easier with actual hands to help, though anything for mental moral support helps right ?

Ill try to draw something when i wake up and slowly get in that habbit from here to draw roughly every day if i can.
til then sorry for being away guys.


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i am sorry that stuff happend to you. unfortunally i always celebrate my birthday alone or nobody really cares. i am sure some people said happy birthday or i hope so otherwise i wish you an late happy birthday i hope it becomes better from now on.

Do not apologize for something that you cannot control, it's only natural for you to react like this. I'm not going to tell you I understand. "I should be happy" don't fool yourself, reading this, dumped, fired, loss and scammed in all kinds of vvays. Grieve and be sad, that's okay. But, plaese embrace that pain and be better, you can do it. Allovv yourself to be happy, feel in a nevv start, feel and think. I hope you can make it, you got this.

it's not your fault. life is shit for many of us. there is no such thing as a passionate artist or musician because we're too busy surviving, there is no time left for fancy creations.