Overwatch: Currently working on roadhog RN!

2017-07-11 12:19:30 by ProjectNetoku

Now I have to spend all day doing Roadhog for my friend- i mean I asked hi it's not just bitter obligation .... was expecting roadhog or reaper from him XD  ( also it's gonna be stitch skin- the red colored rare skin )

OOOOH how the heck am I gonna do this, cartoony might look ok but ...
screw  it im doing traditional over digital I draw better on paper than Wacom anyways

( if you guys want tell me what favorite character you like from the OW Universe, maybe skins too ... if it's Effie I dont need the lolita details you perverts XD )

   Might try to actually draw Bastion and Zenny after, maybe Junkrat but that is gonna be a weird level of UGH for me.


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