New art- choose a character for it ( might be nsfw )

2017-08-24 03:34:44 by ProjectNetoku

ok so im having second thoughs to WHOOOOOO to draw here for this next pose-

I'd be a turd and say vote red or green and say nothing else
but i wont 

Alison (  )  sfw
           (  ) Nsfw
  *I did however considder putting Lacy here, another character of theirs but ... that hair - WOOSH*
sfw + nsfw ( )

Cookie ( shes got enough art on here atm to know who that is )

If you're wondering why the links are as they are A: i dont know how to shrink links into  here  command- and B: they look like that because of how tumbrl functions- the description effects how everything comes out bsically.

vote on a character you want done and i'll show you the details in a later post of what im gonna do- wehehehehe

thanks guys


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2017-08-24 06:45:03

I vote for Lacy.


2017-08-24 11:47:38

Alison looks great for a Monk like character

ProjectNetoku responds:

im not sure what you mean for monk-like

do you mean fighter monk or something else ?
she as a character is themed i thiiink around an mma fighter.
if you want more info browse the tumblr but be warned that place is mainly just nsfw ONLY XD
he's got other channels too in the mix just poke for them


2017-08-24 16:12:44

yeah a Fighter Monk