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Some things you just cant let go ....
( I litterally will never forgive this im so dissapointed gonna be UGH all week- if you play warframe i hope to god you get why ;w; - ppl like the second perm rendition even though it's litterally a slap in the face ... and it's a rooster not a peacock guys stop ! ;m; )

see if trying to keep working on stuff will help

Oh hey I just hit leve ....

( bloody tape cutter / razor blade knife )

oh ... I guess im an emo kid now
*downloads my chemical bromance*


. . .

2017-10-01 07:15:26 by ProjectNetoku




2017-09-20 07:43:17 by ProjectNetoku

Some notes for later
Possible upcomming name checks:
Laka                                                    Gad
Kila                                                      Koma


2017-09-19 06:39:48 by ProjectNetoku

It's 3:37 am ... I wanna fall asleep, BUT I CANT!

*insert my hero acedemia headbanging meme but just a chara instead*

ooh- and we're at 100 followers solid <3 


2017-09-12 18:41:20 by ProjectNetoku   INSPIRATION ! ! !  <--- After seeing their sunflora + unknown form I got the idea to look at fusions for creation inspiration

So this week an aquantence of mine surprised me with some TASTEFUL fanart. They comissioned an artist from Furaffinity >> <<   To make this for me :D
...Im both embarrased and bashful like IDK HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT BUT IT'S THERE ... MHMM
If you'd like to see it I'll post a view link- but be warned it's nsfw content- about as nsfw as it gets I guess.
(( ))

   Thanks to Azzie and Discord user DuhMatt :3

Take care guys

( should i have specified the image is yuri incase ? .... eh- apparently according to newgrounds chat women dont exist here beyond me so I guess I dont need to worry )

Welp He just got the Greenscreen we needed and is now in the process of testing out Camtasia again

( Warframe video of Ember sitting at a campfire )
IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIF ALL GOES WELL we might start releasing a few videos of ... Idk some sort of warframe shenanigans
anyways enjoy.
Link goes to Auki-chan's facebook page, dont spam him ok ^-^"

Chart of Project Netoku signing out !!
*Im not posting it here rabbit we'll get in trouble since it's not original content .... I think that's how thisll go*


Straining week

2017-08-30 21:15:11 by ProjectNetoku

Know what's great about depression?

It makes you draw stuff so badly it looks like generic anime art off deviant art

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY fmlfmlfml6314211_150414210072_deka2.jpg

ok so im having second thoughs to WHOOOOOO to draw here for this next pose-

I'd be a turd and say vote red or green and say nothing else
but i wont 

Alison (  )  sfw
           (  ) Nsfw
  *I did however considder putting Lacy here, another character of theirs but ... that hair - WOOSH*
sfw + nsfw ( )

Cookie ( shes got enough art on here atm to know who that is )

If you're wondering why the links are as they are A: i dont know how to shrink links into  here  command- and B: they look like that because of how tumbrl functions- the description effects how everything comes out bsically.

vote on a character you want done and i'll show you the details in a later post of what im gonna do- wehehehehe

thanks guys